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Ravaged by decades of fighting and colonial subjugation the ugly images of war have now been eclipsed by the beauty of the country.

Vietnam is a land of contrasts and great physical and cultural diversity, with idyllic beaches, coral islands spectacular mountains, forests and rivers as well as colonial architecture and ancient ruins of once powerful empires.

Having only recently opened to tourism, Vietnam has preserved much of its special character and charm.

Paddy fields

Junks plying their way through still waters between jutting limestone rock islands, water buffalo pulling wooden ploughs across emerald green paddy fields, led by men in conical straw hats. These are all traditional sights that have changed little in centuries yet can still be seen today. Behind the heavily populated areas of the coastal strip and deltas lies the sparsely populated hinterland. High mountains, thick jungle and fertile plateaux are home to a variety of colourful ethnic tribes as well as rare and endangered wildlife.

A major attraction of travelling in Vietnam is the traditional cuisine: whether you sample it at an international hotel or at a humble roadside stall that sells the ubiquitous pho or hot and spicy noodle soup. Although many people in the west think that history began and ended with the war, Vietnam has a rich and varied past that you can witness in the Cham ruins around My Son or the splendour of the Imperial City at Hue.

Vietnam is now emerging from a violent past and despite their painful history the Vietnamese people remain hospitable and eager to share their homeland with visitors. Take this opportunity to explore this wonderful country with a company who knows it better than most, and find out for yourself why Vietnam is fast becoming such a favourite destination with so many people.


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