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The Kingdom of Thailand is the centre of the Indochina region and the most developed of the surrounding countries. Unlike its neighbours it has never been colonised by a foreign power which has given it a unique character of its own.

From its bustling capital, Bangkok, where the modern world stands among century old Buddhist temples and palaces, to the quiet towns of the old Lanna Kingdom. From the southern coasts and islands where you can relax in secluded resorts of international standard to the mountains of the north where you can ride elephants through forests inhabited by numerous ethnic hill tribes. Thailand is a destination of many contrasts, and whatever you are looking for you can find it here.

Buddha at Ko Samui

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Our trips are designed to give you the best that Thailand has to offer, from historical sights to natural beauty - all combined with a high standard of service and hospitality that will ensure your stay in the land of smiles is an unforgettable experience. We have a wide range of long and short tours in Thailand so you can construct your own holiday and get the balance between sightseeing and relaxing that is right for you.

Rightly famed for its spicy cuisine, you will never go hungry in Thailand - whether you choose to eat the ubiquitous Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles) at a roadside stall or enjoy the international quality cuisine at an international hotel. Visit the world famous floating market to see all manner of ingredients being sold from small boats and even stay in a traditional house and learn to cook Thai food for yourself. If this is too active for you then you can enjoy beautiful fresh food at very reasonable prices while watching a classical dance.

We can organise arrangements for you all over the Kingdom of Thailand, whether they appear here or not, so whether you want to just laze on a beach or seek out the culture or history then Mekong Travel can help you to discover the real Thailand.

PATA has posted a special Tsunami Recovery Travel Facts bulletin on their website to present the facts of the recovery process and to highlight those areas that are ready to welcome tourists. Please click here to proceed to the site.

Please click here to read the letter from TAT Governor about Thailand's recovery


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