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Mekong Travel is a specialist company that operates quality travel throughout Indochina and is run by people who have lived, worked and travelled in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China and Burma.

We at Mekong Travel have spent many years establishing our business in the region and have built a good and reliable team who are suitably qualified, licensed and insured to manage your travel arrangements. At each destination you will be met and escorted to your hotel or on your sightseeing tour. You can contact our representative offices at any time or ourselves here in Britain giving you the confidence of travelling in developing countries.


The collection of travel ideas within our brochure are designed to give you a selection of escorted group tours and individual itineraries. The tailor-made options are truly designed to your own requirements by experienced consultants and not just made up of pre-arranged itineraries. We believe our experience and knowledge of the region is unequalled, having visited each hotel, restaurant and place of interest.

The Mekong river is the sixth largest in the world. Rising in the mountains of China it flows through each of the countries we operate in. Its presence and importance in the region has inspired us to adopt its name for our company.

Most of these countries have only in the recent past opened their borders to foreign travellers who are in small numbers discovering the wonders of these fascinating lands.

The programmes and tours we offer here are an insight into the rich culture and diverse landscapes of the region. Each is designed to capture the unique history, architecture, religion, heritage, costumes and beauty that makes this part of the world so fascinating. The hotels and itineraries we recommend reflect this and capture some of the nostalgia of a bygone era, combining the traditions and hospitality that personalises every trip.

The changing tides of fortune that have swept over Indochina and its' people have left their mark. Its myths and legends are brought to life in many colourful festivals and rituals, and it's various religions enshrined in thousands of temples and pagodas throughout the region. Sites of ancient kingdoms, battles and civilisations stand amongst poignant reminders of the more recent past. A visit to Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos will leave you with a rich and unforgettable impression of these fascinating lands.

Planning your holiday

Our office is open Monday - Friday from 9.00am -5.00pm (UK time). Should you wish to speak to a consultant after these hours we can arrange for someone to ring you to discuss any questions you may have. Alternatively you can always fax or email us.

Carbon Emissions: We are very conscious of the impact that air travel has on carbon emissions and resulting global warming. As a consequence we are pleased to advise travellers that there are several schemes in existence which can help to reduce or eliminate this effect. We therefore recommend that travellers visit reputable companies such as Carbon Footprint where, for a small fee you will be able to ensure that sufficient trees are planted to offset your journey.

If you want a brochure you can simply call the 24hr brochure line, complete our information request form or download a printable version (6.06Mb Acrobat pdf format). Should you wish to visit our office and talk to us in person we are always delighted to meet you and help you plan your travel itineraries. We have a large selection of reference books, maps and pictures to help you. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Our brochure is also available in smaller files as individual countries and sections:
Asia Burma Cambodia Laos Thailand Vietnam Booking form and conditions (All files are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

You can also request a trip dossier which will provide much more information on the area you wish to visit and accommodation in which you will stay. Our travel consultants will always be pleased to talk to you regarding any aspect of your tour.

Land Arrangements: Your contract for land arrangements is with Mekong Travel and is subject to our booking conditions.
International Flight arrangements: We act as retail agents for ATOL license holders and the flight bookings are subject to their booking conditions. Once you have paid for your ticket we will hold your money in trust and send a confirmation invoice with details for the ATOL holder to you along with a full ATOL confirmation receipt when they have issued it. Your contract for the flights is with the ATOL holder.
Internal domestic flights: Tickets for a number of domestic and regional flights cannot be issued in the U.K. The Air Travel Organisers Licensing regulations stipulates that these tickets must therefore be paid by our local agent. Mekong Travel will book these tickets on your behalf but payment will have to be made to our agent on receipt of your ticket.
Visas: We are able to apply for Visa approval for all customers.
Payment protection: Travel Trust Association.

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For further information on any aspect of these holidays or a full colour brochure, please contact us either by completing an information request form or by one of the following means:
E-mail: Mekong Travel


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