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We currently offer two tours based in China:

Yunnan - The Kingdom of Plants

Situated in Southwest China, Yunnan's towering, ice mountains adjoin Tibet and Myanmar in the Northwest and its lush jungles border Laos and Vietnam in the south. It is noted for its scenery instinctive of pleasant climate, picturesque styles minority life, and enjoys the laudatory titles of 'Kingdom of Plant', 'Kingdom of Animals', and 'Kingdom of Non-ferrous Metals'. Yunnan has 25 different and colourful minority nationalities. The rich cultures and customs of these groups provide a colourful and wonderful calendar of festivals one after another throughout the year.

Hill tribe

Kunming to Hanoi

A classic tour taking you from the mountains of China and the regions main attractions across the border by train to Vietnam. Although the train is fairly basic the route is very scenic and offers a unique and rewarding journey. This tour can be done in reverse starting from Hanoi. Alternatively the tour can start from Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Both of these may be combined with one or more of our City Stopovers.


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